The Best Pillow for Neck Pain

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The neck is one of the most delicate parts of the body. Hence, it’s crucial to have the right pillow to protect it. A head support is needed to avoid neck pain so, the question is, what’s the best pillow for neck pain?
With all the persuading companies that advertise or claim that their pillows are the best. They have various pads that are considered as the better quality for neck pain while others are not as good. Below are some of the tips to consider when choosing a pillow and getting the one that suits you, not only for neck pain but also a good sleeping night.

Does the pillow support the curve of the neck?

When looking from the side, the curve is “C” shaped. An ideal pillow has to maintain the C curve of the neck and keep the spine in the right alignment. Ultimately, the weight of the neck and the head is backed up in a neutral spot. An extra large pillow causes one’s head to bend at an uncomfortable angle. This angle causes muscle strain on the shoulder and neck and may result in you waking up with a stiff neck. The unpleasant angle can also affect your breathing.
However if the pillow is too small, it doesn’t support the neck; this cause the muscles to carry the head’s weight, therefore straining them.
An ideal pillow size should have the necessary measurement ranging from 9 to 14 centimetres high, and must support the head, neck, and shoulders.

Do you have any prior neck injuries?

avoid painful neck painExisting problems with the cervical area probably from bone spurs, cervical disc hernia ion, and degenerative joint disease among others may be the cause of waking up with a painful neck. It’s vital for a person with a healing neck wound, or recovering from an injury, or has arthritic neck pain to have the best support. Also, they should have some degree of gripping to provide stability and relief to the weaker parts of the neck. Most times a softer density pillow such as the foam pillow that supports the curve of the neck conveniently works well with these problems.

Below are two categories of neck pillows that will help you get the best pillow for neck pain.

The posture med contour memory foam pillow

NASA astronauts and today first employed it; it’s being applied in not only pads but also other different relaxation products. The memory foam pillow adjusts perfectly to contour to the neck’s outline. It offers the best comfort since it’s very accommodating. Once you place the head on this kind of pillow, air is released in other parts in the memory foam providing perfect and even support for your neck and head.

The therapeutic pillow

It is designed with a medium density of high quality recycled foam. The upper back extension contours to the neck outline and head cradle for back sleeping. For side sleeping, the pillow helps the shoulder to have a proper framework to prevent neck and shoulder compression. The side parts of the pad are unstable creating a degree of activity.

This increases blood flow and muscle stability which helps the neck pain.

So, which is the best pillow for the neck pain?

For a more acute flare-up pain like a recent injury, the therapeutic pad is helpful most of the time. The posture med contour pillow is more useful when one has onset and progressive condition such as the degenerative joint disease.

Watch that tips if you are a chronic neck pain person:

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