Real estate investment in Brooklyn

the infamous brooklyn bridge

If Brooklyn were a city, it would be the fourth most populated of the United States: with more than 2.5 million people, dozens of nationalities, its great green spaces and museums, Brooklyn attracts and the coast with families and individuals but investors.
How? In what neighborhoods to buy? Here are a few good addresses.

Why is Brooklyn becoming so trendy?

Brooklyn, a rising neighborhood

Brooklyn goes hand in hand with local artists, suspension bridges, and houses of red sandstone.
Beyond these stereotypical considerations, Brooklyn remains a safe bet for those wishing to invest in the stone and the stone’s quality.

Brooklyn offers a real-life district, green and pleasant, away from the hubbub and the hustle and bustle of its neighbor in front, Manhattan.
This borough seems to be a village in part, but without being cut off from Manhattan: big metros, a few buses, and ferries fortnight ago.

Brooklyn offers of beautiful dark stones, the famous ‘brownhouses’ houses, whose interiors are almost always original facilities. Also be aware that the prices of these architectural treasures cease to climb: there is demand, Yes, but no offer: nobody built such homes.

famous brooklyn neighbour

Brooklyn in a few figures

In what to invest in Brooklyn?

In stone, indeed, but still? There are different kinds of architectural constructions to differentiate.

The townhouses: often likened to the particular townhouse, the townhouse has evolved: appeared in the 1880s, it housed so often one and the same family. Modern townhouse offers an affordable and pleasant alternative: it has all the advantages of living in a private home, without the disadvantages related to its maintenance.
The townhouse is today often divided into several private apartments, generally located on each floor, and which accommodate different families. The owner of the townhouse living one of the floors, and rents the other individuals.

Condos: the condominium is a basic building, whose different apartments are privately owned.

Co-op: cooperatives belong to a company of shareholders owners, and each owner is then more shareholder of the co-op that owner. The Executive Committee sets its rules, which are often quite strict.

Where to invest in Brooklyn?

Among the forty neighborhoods in Brooklyn, half a dozen of them is a strong growing: Cobble Hill, Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Carroll Gardens.

Cobble Hill

Where is it?

Cobble Hill extends south of Degraw Street to Atlantic Avenue to the North, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway West to Court Street to the East.

How is it?

This quiet makes you travel in Italy with its stone houses and its well-kept paths. It is an ideal area for families and young couples, which overlooks the East River. But the two main streets, Court Street and Smith Street, BREW a young and active population.

What is the real estate landscape?

rent a house in a nice area

Cobble Hill is mainly composed of buildings of the coop, often from the beginning of the century but well renovated and furnished. Cooble Hill remains a refined and upscale, suburb that has nothing to envy to Manhattan.

There are what?

Schools: Public School 29, School for International Studies, Brooklyn School for Global Studies and Success Academy Charter School.

A beautiful park, Cobble Hill Park.

Cinemas and Italian restaurants.
Crown Heights

Where is it?

Empire Boulevard South to Atlantic Avenue to the North, and Franklin Avenue in the West to Ralph Avenue to the East.

How is it?

Crown Heights is easily accessible from Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn through different metro lines.

What is the real estate landscape?

This area offers various architectural options; all the townhouses condos or apartments.

There are what?

Several public schools, and a public College, Medgar Evers College.

Various museums, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Jewish Children’s Museum.