Guide on Getting a Forklift License in Australia

forklift operations in a warehouse

You probably have your eyes set on operating that forklift; here is what you need to do.

Choose the right course

There are various forklift driving courses. It is prudent to conduct a little research before enrolling. Find out the company and industry needs and determine if the course will be beneficial. Some courses will be pricey compared to others.

practice in a safe environment

Prerequisites of getting the license

  • A minimum of 18 years
  • Basic understanding of English- verbal and non-verbal
  • Have the proper identification such as birth certificate, proof of address, passport, driver’s license, etc.

Which license do you want?

There are two kinds of licenses. They include:

LO- One can only operate a stock picker/order picker forklift
LF- You can operate any forklift except stock picker forklift

How long does the course take?

certified forklift driver licenseAre you a new student or doing a refresher course? Some courses may take a longer period. The courses include:

1-day course: Ideal for experienced drivers with basic forklift operation skills. It is a refresher course and aims at improving safety in the workplace.
2-day course: ideal for beginners with zero- experience on forklift operation.

How much will it cost?

The course providers have different pricing depending on the intensity of the training.

What is the appropriate training gear to wear?

For starters, wear comfortable clothes. Closed toe shoes and a high safety vest are mandatory for safety reasons. Avoid loose clothing like ties or loose hair for health and safety reasons too. However, your workplace will dictate the right gear.

How much do forklift operators earn?

In Australia, the operators earn $17.20-$22.33 an hour. Overtime ranges from $27.22-$34.39.

Tips and tricks for passing the course

  • Read the driver’s manual and basic driving tips
  • Pay attention to the course instructor and ask questions
  • Pass your written and practical exams
  • The forklift license must be renewed after five years.

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